Movie Winner of the 2013 Prestigious Cannes Film Festival.
Vulcan Award.
Composed and produced the song: "As de coeur." Used in a major scene of the movie "Grigris..."
”AllDayNight's Music Video "Like a Chameleon" won the competition to be the FIRST Music Video of 2011 (New Year's Eve) shown on TV: MHz Networks: Strictly Global program. Covers 34 MILLION households in the US.

Adriana Zoppo
Musician, Composer
Main instrument: Violin
Other instruments: Viola, Viola d’Amore, Keyboards

Winner: Beverly Hills Auditions of the Consortium of Southern California Chamber Music Presenters

Adriana Zoppo started violin lessons at age 4 1/2 and now performs professionally on violin, viola, baroque violin, baroque viola, and the unusual and rarely heard Viola d’amore.

Ms. Zoppo plays for film, television and video game soundtracks such as:
American Idol, Battlestar Galactica and Mad Men, Broadway musicals like Lion King and Wicked,
on "The Tonight Show" and for live shows and recordings encompassing musical styles from classical to jazz at the Hollywood Bowl, Nokia and Kodak Theaters and other venues with many artists including:
James Brown, Ray Charles, Andrea Boccelli, Johnny Mathis, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Madonna,
Page and Plant (Led Zeppelin), Pat Benatar, Ricky Martin and many others...

Mrs. Zoppo plays in the string sections of many symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles in the Southern California area and is the director of the Glendale Noon Concerts sub-series: Ergo Musica.

Adriana Zoppo is one among a very few musicians in the world who plays professionally the unusual seven string (plus seven sympathetic strings fourteen strings total) VIOLA D’AMORE.

Frederic Michot
Prize winning music composer and Songwriter
Main instrument: Synthesizers

Composed and produced the song: "As de coeur" Lyrics by V.DumoulinUsed in the movie called “Grigris” selected to compete for the Palme D’OR at the prestigious 2013 Cannes Film FestivalVulcan Award Winner. The song was used in a major scene of the movie. The movie, “Grigris”, was released in the US in 2015

Frederic Michot won:The FNAC Record Company Songwriting Competition (France)Won: The only Prize for Best Original Music Score given at the International "Sens Short Film Festival" (France.) for composing the music score for a silent short film called : « Les Vagabonds »
Composed and produced the music score for:
“Anissa”, directed by C. Garfin
“Drifting Mind” directed by Simon Paraire

Composed a concept album called: Mystery of Creation.
Endorsed by the famous grand couturier designer Pierre Cardin

Worked for many years as a Freelance Synthesizer music programmer for Famous French and international singers & bands: Kassav, B.Lavilliers, Isabelle Adjani... (see list below*) In the ‘90’s he became responsible for complete artistic and technical direction including Session Production for the “Paris Paris” Recording Studio (France): House Synthesizer programmer for sessions on Synclavier 9600 DTD Computer (The biggest system in Europe.)

Many music projects were produced, but also advertisement, with famous directors Jean-Paul Goude and Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

Since 2003, Frederic Michot compose and produce music, also in collaboration with the violinist Adriana Zoppo, under the name: “AllDayNight.

Program and play: Fairlight II XFairlight Series IIISynclavier 9600 / Direct to Disk
Analog and Digital Synthesizers
Piano, Guitar, E.Bass, Drum set, Percussions.
Recording / Mixing / Pro Tools

*Bernard Lavilliers, Claude Nougaro,
Catherine Lara, Patrick Juvet, La Compagnie Creole, Elysabeth Caumont, Amina, Enzo-Enzo, Marie Laforet, Isabelle Mayereau, Edith Lefel, Karen Cheryl, Isabelle Adjani, Kassav and many more…
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"Harmony on Earth" (album)
"Mystery of Creation" (album) Endorsed by pierre cardin
"Odyssey 1497" (album. soundtrack)
"Space 1" (album. soundtrack)
"Overtures" (album. sountrack)
"Jeremy and the pact of Harmony" (album. soundtrack)
"A World in Harmony" (single)
"No one But You" (single)
"I. Sky Music" (album)
"I. Sky Music for your Eyes"  (DVD. Relaxing Music videos)
"Highlands" (single)
"On My Way" (single)
"So Fly Away" (single)
"Le plus grand des funambules" (album)
"Rendez-vous à Paris" (album)
"Les Vagabonds" (album. soundtrack)
"Anissa" (album. soundtrack)
"Drifting Mind" (album. soundtrack)
"Musical Journey" Vol 1 (compilation)
"Musical Journey" Vol 2 (compilation)
"Musical Journey" Vol 3 (compilation)

MORE than 30 albums as a Synthesizer music programmer distributed by Majors Companies.

4 Albums of relaxing music distributed by Universal Music

5 Albums of "Discovering Music Instruments" distributed by Warner

1 Song for a cause: Help Children in Africa. Called "RED"
"Regard pour Enfants Démunis"
Rising Earth
Global Warning
Cradle of Humanity
New Millennium
Music: Frederic Michot / Adriana Zoppo
Music: Frederic Michot / Adriana Zoppo
Music: Frederic Michot / Adriana Zoppo
Music: Frederic Michot / Adriana Zoppo
Music: Frederic Michot / Adriana Zoppo
EARTH Part 1 opus 4
New Millennium